Field of Hope offers you the possibility to preserve your wedding bouquet. After an intense drying process, we can arrange your wedding flowers in recycled glassware or a vintage frame, to create a unique and artistic forever memory. Please feel free to contact us: 

We Are Family 2022- Hariatie

Alegria 2022 - Danielle

trouwboeket in lijst

Make It Sweet 2022- Hariatie


Can't Help Fallin' In Love 2022- Hariatie

vintage apothecary jar

gedroogde bloemen in lijst

Nooit Niet Verliefd 2022 - Hariatie 

Floating Flowers - Hariatie

weddingbouquet in frame

Crazy Little Thing Called Love 2022 - Hariatie

dried wedding flowers in glass dome

Fountain of flowers - Danielle

bruidsboeket ingelijst

Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues 2022 - Danielle

Framed wedding bouquet

Can't Help Falling In Love 2022 - Danielle

Weddingflowers in glass

Somebody To Love 2022 - Hariatie 

trouwboeket bewaren ingelijst

Gifted 2021 - Danielle

dried flowers pharmacy jar

weddingbouquet in frame

At Last 2022 - Hariatie 

Glass dome with wedding bouquet

Flower Fountain - Danielle

White wedding roses framed

White Wedding 2022 - Danielle

Dying For Your Love 2022 - Hariatie 

Floating Flowers - Hariatie


A Thousand Years 2022- Hariatie 

Floating Flowers

Floating Flowers - Hariatie

dried floral art in frame

You've Got The Love 2022 - Hariatie

Every Time The Sun Comes Up 2021 - Danielle

You never can tell

You Never Can Tell 2021 - Hariatie

Pharmacy jar wedding bouquet

Santé 2021 - Danielle

A Time For Everything 2022 - Hariatie

Peace or Love 2020 - Danielle

Perfect Duet 2022- Hariatie 

I'd Rather Dance With You 2020 - Danielle

Color of The Wind 2021 - Hariatie