Projects by Hariatie Eleveld




For me it is important to be in motion all the time, never to copy someone else but to be inspired and give it your own signature. For this reason I am trying to work un commissioned whenever I can to be inspired for new products or new talents which I havent discovered for myself yet.

 Every Dog Has His Day

Part of larger installation, following up on Their Name is Evan, we are working on a population of floral figures.

Their Name is EVAN

Flowers can be monoicous or dioicous even depending on season

Collaboration together with Fashion brand for Gaypride 2022 in Amsterdam we created a genderfluid figure called EVAN exhibited at the Volkshotel.

Flowers in Quarantine. 

A gift for everyone in Amsterdam to enjoy at the start of the pandemic, it travelled for 2 weeks throughout Amsterdam. It got published in one of the biggest newspapers in the Netherlands.