Tulips from Amsterdam at de Keukenhof

Tulips From Amsterdam’ 300 numbered and signed frames in white, black and wood are ready for ‘de Keukenhof’ 2024. The glass works are available as well in a series of 1000 pieces Keukenhof 2024 opens from 21st March- 12th of May and attracts in a period of 8 weeks more then 1,5 million visitors. All products will be for sale in the art shop. It started with an idea I made samples send it to them got invited to pitched it to retail and they were excited. For me it’s a dream come true and I feel truly blessed that they believe in me and my work!

Although there were moments I thought it was more difficult then I expected I loved every minute of it. I worked until the blisters showed, used a lot of bandaids and burned my fingers many times while pouring my signature wax.  

I made myself one promise when I started, each and every piece should be one I would be proud of and I def checked that box.

All glass and small frames are probably leaving the Netherlands I have heard that 80 percent of all visitors are tourists.

Drying tulips btw is more difficult then any other flower. The juicy stem and bud dry slower then the petals, but if the petals are too crispy they become unusable because they will break, when they need to be processed behind or in glass.

Ofcourse the dried tulips will last but the colors can fade overtime. If you want to slowdown this natural process keep in mind not to place the product in direct sun or in a humid environment. But remember we are already giving Mother Nature a bonus round!

tulpen uit amsterdam

gedroogde papagaaitulpgedroogde dubbele tulp




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