I started Field of Hope in 2016 strolling in the woods . Being close to nature felt overwhelming and the healing power of spring 2016 is what I call my purpose of life today.

There’s something magical about flowers I believe they have a healing power. During my walks in 2016 I picked flowers and took them home.  There I discovered that drying them would be a bonus round from Mother Nature, which is something surprising with each and every flower.

In the last 8 years I have developed several drying techniques depending on the type of flower I choose a technique. All flowers I use are dried by myself in my studio in Amsterdam. They come from cultivators, from gardens and are donated by florists.

Drying flowers take 3-4 weeks before ready to process, within glass or frames. To keep the dried flowers dust free and protected I use glass cause I have never met a person who likes dust.

Over time my works can fade in color I don’t use any chemicals or dye my flowers, cause I already give mother Nature a bonus round.

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