My own magical wedding September 2023

15th of September 2023 on a beautiful Indian Summer day I got married to the love of my life in my home town Amsterdam. The planning for the wedding took no longer then half a year, but being both creative we were constantly trying to take our own wedding to the next level. Our wedding was intimate, we were with only 18 family/friends including ourselves, something I hear more and more often when I meet newly weds.

 Some of the people/ companies we worked with

    The most beautiful wedding cake, especially made by Robin Hoedjes head Pattisier at Huyze van Wely. We went cake tasting at their location at the 'van Baerlestraat' in Amsterdam, Gerry and his team made us feel welcome each time we arrived and gained at least a few pounds everytime we left.

        The most adorable invitations and other props on sets like painted plates, personalized tissues, napkins and matches.  All made by ourselves.

            A wedding photographer who don't shoot like any other wedding photographer or uses the same filter over and over again.  Not even talking about the poses you see... with every shoot it can be easily replaced with another couple and another couple. We wanted someone who was able to catch us as we are, vivid creative without any posing but cheerful without even noticing that there is a camera. Her agenda is fully booked for the coming year since being listed as one of the best wedding photographers in Europe. All pictures on this blog are made by the wonderful charming Liselotte from Studio Leau

              A MUA with a reputation being not traditional preferably editorial and also understands that I am not a make up doll and nor will be when getting married. We had one major set back while planning our wedding the Make Up and Hair stylist cancelled like 10 days before our wedding day. But we were so happy when we found Roos Verboom. Totally suited our personal style and a nice personality!

              The best location, we drove the canals with a salonboat called "de Roos". Our captain called Kas was handsome and charming who made everyone feel at ease and charm one or 2 guests at the same time.  A boat which was equiped with everything you can think accomodating rain or shine, it is able to morph into a completely open boat and closed when raining. Dutch weather is just as remarkable as my bank account up and down, up and down you never know what to expect. The salon boat Roos again had  a name with a flower in it "Rose".

                The best wedding flowers we could think off. The flowers however took me the longest to decide, but we found the perfect partner to team up with AP BLOEM The night before they send me videos and pictures of the flower  installations, for  the wedding venue, the restaurant and the corsage. Before I have had a few meetings with them, deciding colour type of flowers and corsages.  I chose to use the biodegradable oase, all pieces they created were suppost to be kept or given to our family and friends afterwards. A part of the flowers from the wedding I was hanging on to because my wife wanted to have a piece of her own. A thing I really didnt want at first since I never have work of my own at home. I still havent finished her work but the beautiful thing about them they can last so long that I still have time:)

                I know for my corsage they took a lot of fresh roses and assembled it to 1 big was beautiful but very fragile. Being wild myself it took longer then expected before I lost it or dismantled it from my outfit .....To make a solid time frame according to the photos it took me about 5 hours.

                  The best food, not only enough small bites, like bitterballs, kaas & worst (typical Dutch) and of course the fantastic wedding cake made by Huize van Wely during the day. We wished for the optimum food  at night, where we had a private diner at de Kas

                    The night before

                     I wanted to be traditional in a way...not sleeping together the night before, was one of them. The evening before the big day we had diner with a select group and the staff of the Pillows Hotel were we were staying at poured me one to many limoncellos. Ensuring me the next day will be one to remember according to their hospitality. When I arrived alone in my room I found a beautiful gift from my soon wife to be but due to all the commotion I totally forgot to unwrap it and went to bed.

                    The BIG DAY, Friday the 15th of September 2023

                    The morning after and yes the big day the 15th of September 2023......I felt like the hangover part 40! There's something with me and boundaries and not knowing when to stop. So the morning started with a sour aftertaste from half a bottle limoncello and a bottle of champagne (all drank by me)

                    However I got an early appointment with my fav tattoo'er to create a special suprise....for those who know getting tattoed when you had 1 2 many drinks is not that smart. But being a pro at this I couldn t care less. Many of my tattoos are placed by my dear Fabian, owner at Studio Friendship. I think he s the most funniest talented tattooing artist there is with the most steady hand. He tattoo'ed the date with my new last name

                    Arriving in my room again I totally felt worn out but you know what they say about the best cure to a hangover is to get a drink again. My witnesses arrived so we popped the champaign again and went into the make up. And of course make up can do its magic as well as the outfit. My outfit was part tailored by Het Pakhuys a three piece made from a pink crepe combined with Hermes and Jil Sander. Did I already mention pink is my favorite color?

                    We had a private docking station for our boat in front of Hotel the Pillows. It was magic when I first laid eyes on my wife to be. I think I only gasped when she made her entrance from the hotel walking to the dock. People where honking, cheering and security from the Pillows Hotel escorted her and my mother in law for a safe crossing. 

                    She was completely dressed in Rick Owens with acessories from Bottega Venetta, Paco Rabanne and Jil Sander. This almost sounds like an add but my wife knows her brands and she always told me when I get married I want it all.

                     As a designer herself she made her bridal veil and gloves herself. She looked amazing! 

                    Entering the boat we were amazed by the love we surrounded ourselves with the decor, the family our friends our captain the waitress everything felt right...the ceremony was done by our sister-in-law. 

                     We chose to get married for civil law in July 2023 in Weesp, to save money. Its funny that we had to pay so much money for getting married on

                    1) a Friday 

                    2) on a boat 

                    3) in Amsterdam 

                    That we thought yeah "we marry for a penny and save money for other things". Cause we didnt want to have someone attending the wedding which we hardly knew and there is a limit. With every marriage comes a budget :)

                    Champaign was poured, bitterballs were served, while docking at local restaurants and eateries.

                     Ofcourse our moment supreme was under de Magere Brug. The myth is when you say YES under this bridge you will have a loving and happy marriage.

                    Music was played and everyone felt at ease. This was exactly how we wanted our wedding to be. Minor detail I used to be a dj....quite famous  but I retired at the point I couldn't handle the night life anymore. But for this occassion I made a 4 hour set.

                    When we docked after  the beautiful ride we were escorted by private transport to de KAS, the Michelin star restaurant where we had a private dining area. This was the place where we had our first official date and where I asked her to marry me... Being a Michelin star restaurant tend to give people fear or feeling insecure and/or an uptight feeling non of the above.  They amazed every person with their dishes while my parents prefer a big steak above anything else.

                    We had a small couple shoot with Lisselotte, from Studio Leau but to be honoust all i could think off at that point I am ready for food.....but I think her strenght is really getting the best of peope without faking them...her  appearance and her Vlamish accent makes her a perfect companion to book when you are in a small setting. Up untill now people are talking about her and the way she moved and got in touch which each and everyone attending.

                    The wedding diner at de Kas was like a fairy tail, tables with white linens and personalized napkins(yes again made by ourselves), within a green house setting where even Obama had dinner, surrounded by floral arrangements by AP bloem....there were some speaches and a lot of tears and laughter.  The food ofcourse was absolutely fantastic, a must go to if you havent been here already!

                    Finishing the night at the cocktailbar with those friends who always know how to party and then....forgive me my memory fades but I know .... we were too late for breakfast the next day and I dont even know how we got into bed!

                    For me it was the best day of my life....Oh by the way our wedding gift was a great piston espresso machine. There was one thing Ailene told me from the moment we fell in love, she wanted to make coffee for me for the rest of my life.......


                    Happy End






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