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Since 2016 Hariatie Eleveld is using dried flowers as a starting point for her creations. Her creations involves installations within glass, arrangements in vintage frames and creating a population of floral figures. “I consider myself lucky and grateful that I am able to work with florals every day, I cannot imagine a life without. I started working with flowers  7 years ago a time when life was heavy, uncertain and I felt that life had no reason.

When I began running through nature with my dog, I awakened slowly… my mind suddenly noticed the changes of season and the power of nature. No matter what! nature will always start blooming again.

I was astonished something so pure and care free! I had to capture that feeling because it felt so good and I didn’t want to lose that! This resulted in starting picking flowers which made me smile, feel alive again and took them home. I knew I wanted to keep them as long as possible and Field of Hope was born, started capturing which made me feel good and keep it with me.

For me its not a business only its a lifestyle and I literally feel less when I don’t surround myself with what makes me complete! I always thank my clients or the people I work with not just because they buy or like my products but because they enable that I can do what I love most.

For me dried flowers are just as or even more interesting then fresh cut. The process of drying is done completely by myself. Using a drying room and several different techniques but putting nature first. Nothing artificial is used, no sprays no colouring. The outcome is always leading, whatever technique is used, the dried florals tell me how they want to be presented.

Dried flowers are not a trend but they tend to have a old-fashioned vibe, I want to approach it contemporary don’t expect traditional works or arrangements but something suiting a present interior. And you can leave your duster in the closet, all works are behind glass.

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Mooi Hariatie!! Dank voor het delen

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