fleurs séchées dans un cadre

Restored vintage frames filled with dried flowers and grass. Finished with a matching lacquer seal stamp with Field of Hope logo and a hanging system.

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  • Uptown

    Combination of dried gladiolus, dried grass arranged in a black vintage frame with golden details.

    17 X 27,5 cm

    € 59,95
  • Adore

    Dried helloborus and branded wax stamp within a heavy patina frame.

    20 x 15,5 cm

    € 44,95
  • Glow

    Vintage old knotframe in black with hellebore & delphinium against a black background with a handpoured wax branded seal from Field of Hope. All our frames are vintage and carefully restored the only thing you need to do is choose…

    € 59,95
  • Love is a stranger
    Love is a stranger

    Arrangement of dried flowers found in Normandie, France in 2018 put together in a old vintage frame found on a typical vide grenier. Basic arrangement fits in a modest setting.

    measures widht 22,5 cm x height 28,5 cm or 8,8 inch…

    € 69,95
  • One more try
    One more try

    Floral arrangement made with several treasures found in Normandie, France. The frame is carefully restored and finished with a handpoured wax seal. Each piece we create is unique and perfect as a gift to beloved ones or…

    € 64,95
  • Tougher than the rest
    Tougher than the rest

    Dried floral arrangement made with treasures found in Normandie 2018, restored frame found at a typical vide grenier. Each piece we create is unique and one of a kind a perfect gift to yourself or a loved one. Special wishes or…

    € 59,95
  • Love Dancing
    Love Dancing

    Unique composition with poppies and wilde hyacint put together in a vintage frame on a soft pastel background.

    19,5 cm x 25,5 cm or 7,8 inch x 10,2 inch

    € 59,95
  • Avalon

    small vintage dark wooden frame filled with different dried treasures from nature like wisteria and elderflower, found in Amsterdam 2018. Perfect to give as a new born gift!

    measurements 19 cm x 18 cm or 7,5 x 7 inch

    € 44,95
  • Cinderella's Slipper
    Cinderella's Slipper

    A bunch of wild flowers found on Dutch soil on an early morning walk through the fields. Due to the soft colors used this fits well in any interior.

    dimensions 9,84 inch width x 11,81 inch height

    € 69,95
  • Nigella eat your heart out
    Nigella eat your heart out

    A mixture of dried Nigella Damascena and other treasures from nature. The frame was found in France we made this composition after carefull choosing the flowers who match this beautiful frame!

    dimensions width 11,8 inch x height…

    € 89,95
  • Yasmine gone wild
    Yasmine gone wild

    Made with a lot of flowers growing in the month May the center flower is a wilde yasmine, for this dried flower piece we used a lot of sweet smelling flowers. The only thing you have to do is decide on which wall this lovely frame…

    € 79,95
  • Blossom Fever
    Blossom Fever

    A mixture of dried cherry blossom combined with clematis and other lovely flowers blooming in the month May. The frame is completely restored and the refined composition makes it a perfect piece to complete your…

    € 89,95
  • little broom
    little broom

    heavy patina frame with use of several playfull flowers like yellow brem and clematis completely dried. We used a soft pastel pink which makes it a perfect peace to hang in your bedroom.

    dimensions height 18 cm x width 23 cm or…

    € 44,95
  • frame of Hope a008
    frame of Hope a008

    This work is made with dried flowers and weed from Formentera only. We used a black lacquer on a black background and repaired the frame thoroughly but with respect to the worn look of the frame. Therefor we also recycled the…

    € 89,95
  • frame of Hope a005
    frame of Hope a005

    poppie dried together with dried grass on a beige coloured background finished with a black logo and a mint condition vintage frame.


    width x height

    22 cm x 27 cm

    € 69,95
  • Frame of Hope a001
    Frame of Hope a001

    Very small frame with significant patina, filled with dried treasures from nature on a black background including a black wax logo.

    width x height

    9,5 cm x 13,5 cm

    € 24,95
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Field of Hope

Unique styled sets of dried flowers captured in vintage glassworks and frames. Collected from travelling the world, without harming nature.

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