fleurs séchées dans un cadre

Restored vintage frames filled with dried flowers and grass. Finished with a matching lacquer seal stamp with Field of Hope logo and a hanging system.

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  • Listening wind
    Listening wind

    Helleborus, clematis, maidens tears are used within this arrangement which has depth through the use of pressed flowers and hanged flowers. The passe partout and frame are both vintage and recycled, comes with a new…

    € 99,95
  • My ever changing moods
    My ever changing moods

    Ranonculus combined with lilium speciosum on a soft beige background in a black vintage frame, perfect in a setting with other frames.

    measures 17 x 18 cm

    € 39,95
  • Waiting on a friend
    Waiting on a friend

    Beautiful old vintage frame with dito passepartout in bronze. We used a lot of dried ranoncles in this arrangement. The frame itself has usage marks but thats the charm combined with a background which matches the frame and passe…

    € 159,95
  • In the morning
    In the morning

    2 complete roses are carefully deconstructed and re arranged in en new arrangment with leftovers from lillies and umbellifer last ones are taken from a trip made in 2017 to France. The others are leftovers from a little boutique…

    € 79,95
  • You and me part 2
    You and me part 2

    Beautiful wooden knotted frame with a comple dried lilac, deconstructed and rearranged on a army background with grey stamp Field of Hope.

    measures 28 x 35 cm

    € 89,95
  • Little lies
    Little lies

    lots of details and precision work within this tiny frame on a solid army colored background. Mimosa leftovers & hydrengea are used within this arrangement. A frame how big or small is always handmade and unique.

    measures 20 cm x…

    € 39,95
  • Secret Journey
    Secret Journey

    Playfull combination of lillies and orange poppies on a solid black background in a heavy patina gold frame. Each work we create is one of a kind and unique.

    measurements 30 x42 cm

    € 139,95
  • So Lonely
    So Lonely

    freesia combined with mimosa on a soft grey background, basic and modest arrangement with fine details.

    measurements 21 x26 cm

    € 59,95
  • Invisible sun
    Invisible sun

    Arrangement with soft coloured larkspur in a vintage frame with black detail, on a off white background and white seal with Field of Hope

    measurements 27 x 28,5 cm

    € 79,95
  • Paradise City
    Paradise City

    Very large frame with a bundle of sweet dried flowers, amongst others lillies, larkspur, ranunculus, roses are used in this bright arrangement against a soft blue background and taupe passepartout. Each work we create is send to…

    € 389,95
  • Run Away
    Run Away

    Colorful arrangement with different flowers dried and carefully put in a vintage golden frame. The background is soft grey. All frames are restored and come with a hanging system the only thing you need to do is found a spot on…

    € 109,95
  • Brown Sugar
    Brown Sugar

    Soft use of variety of treasures found in Spring 2018 mostly in our garden in Amsterdam, arranged on a soft peach background in a vintage frame.

    afmeting 16 x21 cm

    € 49,95
  • Dreams

    Vintage tooled frame with old passe partout filled with different colorfull flowers like holland knot, clematis & Nigella. Arrangement made on a soft pale pink background and handpoured pink wax seal!

    measures 25 cm x 31 cm

    € 109,95
  • Only when you leave
    Only when you leave

    woodcarved patina frame wiht sober arrangement filled with clematis, japanese anemone and larkspur against a soft pink background, a true eyecatcher in each interior.

    measures 36 x 46 cm

    € 159,95
  • Tell me something good
    Tell me something good

    Colorful arrangement with different dried treasures like Japanese anemone, lathyrus and lavender within a very old delicate frame with lots of patina.

    Measures 36 x 27 cm

    € 129,95
  • Love Machine
    Love Machine

    Heavy used old frame with damaged and faded passepartout, filled with a subdued composition of dried treasures from nature.

    Comes with hangingsystem and new glass, the heavy patina from frame is preserved!

    measures 32 x 39 cm

    € 79,95
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Field of Hope

Unique styled sets of dried flowers captured in vintage glassworks and frames. Collected from travelling the world, without harming nature.

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