All glasswork and frames we use are vintage. We found them during our travels around the world. Every flask or tube is being cleaned carefully before we fill them with treasures from nature. Frames are where neccesary repaired and come with a solid hanging system. However imperfection and decay are a must! This results in characteristic pieces with used effects.  We capture nature in a lasting way, to be enjoyed in your home.   

Everything you see in our shop we have created with a smile on our face, we want to pass this smile on!


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  • Tube of Hope ESPERANZA II N8
    Tube of Hope ESPERANZA II N8

    Standing vintage glassware with dried flowers sealed with petrol wax, perfect as a table decoration piece with fresh flowers.

    dimensions 14,5 cm or 5,5 inch

    € 19,95
  • Flask of Hope harapan 100 II N6
    Flask of Hope harapan 100 II N6

    By filling recycled bottles with dried flowers we create a new product: a miniature flower museum in a bottle. We call it a Flask of Hope. Like this small labglas topped with a waxstamp with logo filled with different coloured…

    € 19,95
  • Flask of Hope harapan 100 II N5
    Flask of Hope harapan 100 II N5

    Using a variety of different recycled vintage glassworks we name them Flask of Hope. Like this small labglas topped with a waxstamp in beer filled with different coloured flowers found in Amsterdam.

    € 19,95
  • Flask of Hope Sperare 250 II N4
    Flask of Hope Sperare 250 II N4

    This composition is mainly made from findings in Amsterdam. Topped with a handpoured black seal. Each piece we create is made with the utmost care and love, each piece is unique and one of a kind. Interested in a piece made…

    € 39,95
  • Flask of Hope KIBO 100 II N3
    Flask of Hope KIBO 100 II N3

    Recycled labglass filled with different treasures from nature found in spring of 2018 in Amsterdam with white wax.. Perfect to give as a present since each piece is unique.

    dimensions 10 cm height or 3,93 inch

    € 29,95
  • Flask of Hope HARAPAN 250 II N2
    Flask of Hope HARAPAN 250 II N2

    Recycled vintage glassworks filled with dried treasures from nature. After an intense cleaningprocess Flasks of Hope are filled with dried flowers, where new compositions arise. We catch the magic from nature and bring this into…

    € 32,50
  • Glow

    Vintage old knotframe in black with hellebore & delphinium against a black background with a handpoured wax branded seal from Field of Hope. All our frames are vintage and carefully restored the only thing you need to do is choose…

    € 59,95
  • Love is a stranger
    Love is a stranger

    Arrangement of dried flowers found in Normandie, France in 2018 put together in a old vintage frame found on a typical vide grenier. Basic arrangement fits in a modest setting.

    measures widht 22,5 cm x height 28,5 cm or 8,8 inch…

    € 69,95
  • One more try
    One more try

    Floral arrangement made with several treasures found in Normandie, France. The frame is carefully restored and finished with a handpoured wax seal. Each piece we create is unique and perfect as a gift to beloved ones or…

    € 64,95
  • Tougher than the rest
    Tougher than the rest

    Dried floral arrangement made with treasures found in Normandie 2018, restored frame found at a typical vide grenier. Each piece we create is unique and one of a kind a perfect gift to yourself or a loved one. Special wishes or…

    € 59,95
  • Suddenly

    Unique composition with soft colored grasses and tops of delphinium put together in a carefully restored vintage frame

    19,5 cm x 25,5 cm or 7,8 inch x 10,2 inch

    € 59,95
  • The Heat is on
    The Heat is on

    A wild combination of all different dried treasures from nature, the frame is elongated so it suits perfect on a narrow wall which needs decoration!

    measures 20 x 40 cm or 7,8 x 15,7 inch

    € 74,95
  • Sweetest taboo
    Sweetest taboo

    Delicate sweet vintage frame with soft colored treasures from nature on a soft background, arrangement consists of different grasses and wild garlic found in spring 2018 in Amsterdam.

    measures 20 X 22 cm or 7,8 x 8,6 inch

    € 59,95
  • Love Dancing
    Love Dancing

    Unique composition with poppies and wilde hyacint put together in a vintage frame on a soft pastel background.

    19,5 cm x 25,5 cm or 7,8 inch x 10,2 inch

    € 59,95
  • Avalon

    small vintage dark wooden frame filled with different dried treasures from nature like wisteria and elderflower, found in Amsterdam 2018. Perfect to give as a new born gift!

    measurements 19 cm x 18 cm or 7,5 x 7 inch

    € 44,95
  • alone

    Large work with poppies, elderflower, wild garlic and grasses, put together within a new arrangement in a solid bold vintage frame. All handmade all unique.

    We also work on commission larger and smaller pieces are possible just…

    € 249,95
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Field of Hope

Unique styled sets of dried flowers captured in vintage glassworks and frames. Collected from travelling the world, without harming nature.

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